GTV V Meets The Last Of Us In This Beautiful New Mod

One of the most noteworthy¬†aesthetics in The Last Of Us is seeing greenery reclaim a cityscape. This Grand Theft Auto 5 mod, called “After Us”, creates a scene where you’re able to explore a re-imagined version of Los Santos that’s essentially what it would look like if it were tossed into The Last Of Us universe.

Image via, mod by Rapidiment.

Naturally, the next step is to stack it with a Joel mod. Apparently, an Ellie mod is on the way soon, too.

Image via, mod by Rapidiment.

There aren’t any infected in this map mod, but it’s probably only a matter of time until somebody decides to take it to the next level and further merge the two games.

Image via, mod by Rapidiment.

The creator of this mod, Rapidiment, says that it requires at least 8gb of RAM and that it will probably lag on your PC.

Image via, mod by Rapidiment.

None the less, it’s a cool take on a familiar world. Check it out:¬†

YouTube video