GTA V player spends entire night in Abandoned Sandy Shore motel to uncover its secret

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge open world game and gives players the chance to explore and uncover its many secrets. Although some of them are pretty straightforward, the game also features a fair bit of events and locations that demand more effort to solve.

One such location is a abandoned motel in the Sandy Shore area of the game and it’s achieved myth level among the GTA V community. Many theories have been thrown around that involves this motel.

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Some players have claimed to have seen a ghost wandering around the motel while others swore they could hear a beast growling. That’s not all, many others have reported that they heard a baby crying while being there.

With so many theories and claims thrown around this mysterious motel, it’s tough to figure out what exactly transpires inside it. A youtuber called It’stinytroll decided enough was enough and came up with the perfect solution.

He actually spent an entire night at the abandoned motel in the hopes of uncovering its mysteries and what awaited him was something even he could not fathom.


The video explains what exactly he found and some of it might not be for a faint hearted (there’s no jump scares though). He didn’t find any concrete answer to put all the rumors to rest but did discover a few disturbing but important clues to what might be going inside this motel in the game.

YouTube video