Godzilla, Mechagodzilla and King Kong Arrive In PUBG

A limited-time event brings Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and King Kong to the mobile battle royale.

The PUBG Mobile 1.4 update, titled ‘Traverse’, arrives with some familiar kaiju faces. The event is set to run until June 8th. 

With multiple different modes, there’re several ways in which you can get involved with the towering titans. Godzilla can be seen right now on the map Erangel. Mechagodzilla and Kong are set to arrive a few days later into the season. Kong should appear in Sanhok on May 15th with Mechagodzilla not too far behind – he’ll appear on Livik on May 20th. 

For the most part, the creatures appear to wander the maps of PUBG harmlessly. They only begin to attack players if too many of them gather nearby. It’s also possible to die to the titans if you walk into their path. The monsters follow a set path each match, so they’re easy to avoid if you’d rather not mess with them.


Approaching the kaiju offers tangible gameplay benefits

Though terrifying, you might still want to follow them around as they drop new crystals that offer gameplay perks.

Godzilla’s crystal is a throwable item that acts similar to a Molotov. It knocks back enemies and inflicts them with severe burn damage.


Kong’s crystal variant grants the player significant movement boosts. After consuming the crystal, the player will experience enhanced running speed and an increased jump height.

The Mechagodzilla crystal provides the player with the intelligence of nearby enemy locations. Another consumable, this one will ping nearby enemies on the minimap.

Other update additions

Also part of this new update is the Monster Settlements and Apex Expeditionary Camps.

Apex Camps are brand new built-up areas that provide top-tier loot. The trade-off is that the wandering kaiju will destroy these camps when they come across them, so make sure to avoid the area if you see an oversized monkey nearby.

The Monster Settlements are just as dangerous. Rock Crab and Skullcrawler enemies spawn here, dropping loot once they’re killed. The settlements are ranked by difficulty, so you can decide whether or not you’re equipped for the task. Higher difficulty settlements grant higher tier loot.

PUBG Mobile has seen massive success since it launched a few years ago. It was recently reported that the app is raking in over £5 million every single day.

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[Featured Image Credit: Krafton]

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