GameStop Increases Price of PS4 Camera to $69

Not only has the PlayStation 4 been selling out like hotcakes, but its companion the PlayStation 4 Camera is also becoming very hard to obtain ever since the launch.

The camera is reported to be sold out on Amazon, online Sony store, and a couple other retailers.

It seems that GameStop saw an opportunity to make a couple extra bucks by increasing the MSRP of the camera from $59.99 to $69.99, just $10 more.

PS4 Camera Unavail

It is unclear of the reason why the camera is low in stock everywhere. It could be Sony producing the item at a low rate or it is selling out due to extremely popularity. There could be a high demand due to the popular Just Dance games, live streaming with twitch, or perhaps even using the Playroom.

It is nearly impossible to find a PS4 camera at its original cost. Searching the internet, you can see people selling a PS4 camera for more than twice its original price.

What would motivate you to buy a PS4 camera? Comment below.