GameStop Increases Price of PS4 Camera to $69

Not only has the PlayStation 4 been selling out like hotcakes, but its companion the PlayStation 4 Camera is also becoming very hard to obtain ever since the launch. The camera is reported to be sold out on Amazon, online Sony store, and a couple other retailers. It seems that GameStop saw an opportunity to … Read more

Sony Reveals Why PS EYE Was Removed from PS4 Bundle

Sony confirmed why the company  decided against including the PS4 Eye camera. This decision was done  to reach “the magic price” for the system,  and for the consumers. Sony provided some details regarding the changes. The company attempts  to bundle the camera with the PS4 at a price of $400. However,  there  were “pressure from above … Read more

TGS: New Sony PS4 camera can see and react to the voice commands

As per a report published on Joystiq, some new details about the camera of PS4 have been disclosed by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today. Masayasu Ito, Sony’s Senior VP and Business Division President, addressed that the new PS4’s camera can see the player and respond to his voice commands. Others details such … Read more

PlayStation 4 Camera Offers Voice Commands

Unlike Mircosoft which has been touted the abilities of its Kinect, Sony has been mum on it’s own PlayStation camera. If it’s Amazon product page is to be believed the PlayStation 4 camera offers “navigational voice commands” and “facial recognition.” Of course the camera doesn’t come with every PlayStation 4 console, so Sony may not … Read more

First Real World Pics of Dualshock 4 and PS Eye Revealed

Sony revealed At GDC 2013  behind  an enclosed glass square, four Playstation 4 Wireless Controllers and the Playstation Eye Camera. Indeed they’re beautiful. The publisher also explained various features and functionalities which the controller and camera would be able to execute. Below is a list of features confirmed 1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad L2/R2 … Read more