PlayStation 4 Camera Offers Voice Commands

Unlike Mircosoft which has been touted the abilities of its Kinect, Sony has been mum on it’s own PlayStation camera. If it’s Amazon product page is to be believed the PlayStation 4 camera offers “navigational voice commands” and “facial recognition.”

Of course the camera doesn’t come with every PlayStation 4 console, so Sony may not be hyping it up, because the install base wont be the same as the Kinect and therefore wouldn’t get the same push. Yet, Amazon France listed a PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle including the camera, the game and a second controller for €499.

Microsoft’s Kinect will only work in five of the countries it is launching in this fall. Sony’s camera will outdo them should it work in all 32 launch regions. They is may be enough to outdo Microsoft despite it not coming with every console.