Receive a $10 Coupon for Pre-Ordering two versions of Final FantasyX/X-2 HD Remaster

Square Enix has decided to commemorate the upcoming launch of their Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster by offering a discount to the fans who pre-order the PS3 Collector’s Edition and PS Vita version of the games.

Once the consumer pre-orders both games from their online store, Square Enix sends the $10 coupon when the order is shipped.

The coupon is redeemable for the Square Enix Online Store, and the customer will also be entered into a Collector’s Edition Sweepstakes.


The prizes is an art canvas that has been signed by both the Producer Yoshinori and Art Director Yasuke Naora, and PLAY ARTS KAI Tidus and Yuna action figures.

This would be a great deal to consider, especially if you were thinking of buying both versions of the game. Click here to go to the Square Enix Online Store.