Four Video Game Reboots That Should Happen

With news that fans want to see another Crash Bandicoot game, along with any number of other franchises raising up from the dead, I decided to look int four potential video game reboots that I think should make a return to Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform. These games are all games that originally appeared on the PlayStation One or PlayStation 2, but have been absent on the PlayStation 3. So to start off this list here is a game that involves everyone’s favorite  extinct animals from the Triassic and Jurassic period.

4. Dino Crisis



There have been a lot of dinosaur games recently. From Beast of Prey to a potential Battlefield dino game mode, it seems that everyone loves them some dinosaurs. What better franchise to bring back dinosaurs to Sony other than Dino Crisis. This survival horror game will bring back dinosaurs in a horrifying way. This game can instill fear into gamers who have come accustom to seeing dinosaurs as just badass animals. Dino Crisis will still keep these prehistoric creatures as badass as ever, but will add a fear factor that will cause some gamers to add chocolate stains into their underwear.

Who should make it: Tango Gameworks, mainly Shinji Mikami. With how awesome the Evil Within looks, there should be some of that fear that only Mikami can bring into light. The dinosaurs will force the gamer to confront and overcome his fears. The game should feature a similar story to what the first one had, the only major change would be is to have it on an exotic island similar to Jurassic Park and features dinosaurs we haven’t seen before. Tango Gameworks is a new studio, but if Mikami and company are up to the challenge, they can make dinosaurs scary again.

What I really want to see: A water level with these scary monsters.  Seriously, these creatures get ignored more than M. Night Shyamalan movies.

3. Medievil

God of War is one of my favorite games of all time, and is my favorite hack and slash game of all time, but it wasn’t my first one. My first experience was with Medievil. The game came as a demo that came with a subscription to a PlayStation magazine. The days of those disc based demo’s are gone, but my memories of Medievil are not. Medievil stars everyone’s favorite playable skeleton protagonist (because there are a lot of them of course) Sir Daniel Forthesque.

Who should make it: Sucker Punch Productions. Sly Coopper and Sir Daniel Forthesque aren’t exactly the same type of characters but Sucker Punch can make it work. This game could even implement some of the stealth elements from the Sly Cooper franchise and possibly a sandbox world as well. With its cartoony Halloween setting and the enchanting music it can be a welcomed family friendly edition to the PS4 lineup.

What I really want to see: A giant open world game where you are able to visit many different strange stages to meet a cast of colorful and eccentric characters.

2. Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter is a third-person shooter with stealth elements; think of a more pixelated version of the Splinter Cell series. This game was the first ever shooter than I played after Goldeneye. The stealth elements were huge, since it focused on a gameplay mechanic that I didn’t realized at the time was so much fun. It wasn’t until Dishonored that brought me back to games that focus on stealth.  This game can be a reboot where the Syphon filter gets used on a populated city (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) and it is up to you and your crew to find and kill those who used it for harm.

Who should make it: Sony Bend. Sony Bend have been quite for a while now, and it might be working on bringing the series back. If not, then they should. This studio has worked with the franchise before so there is some previous experience already there. Sony Bend has made an Uncharted game for the PS Vita, so they know how to make games, so it is time to bring this series back on next-gen.

What I really want to see: Logan and Xing kicking some terrorist booty.

1. Legacy of Kain

I know that this won’t happen, mainly because the Nosgoth game is coming out on PC, but I can still wish right?

Who should make it: Santa Monica Studios. This studio can bring to life the world of Nosgoth, the dark and gothic fantasy setting. Having both Kain and Raziel going against each other and having the ability to play as both in their own games would be something that you don’t see now. Each character would alternate games where they are the protagonist and it would lead to a ultimate ending. The returning themes of destiny and free will, and morality will return in this reboot. The only major change would be opening up the world of Nosgoth and experiencing everything that is in that rich world.

What I really want to see: These kills running on 1080p with amazing graphics.