MediEvil gets a Nostalgia Filled Announcement Trailer

It has been known for a while that MediEvil was coming back into our lives sometime soon but know we know when! It was also believed that the game was going to be a remaster, however Sony came out last week and said that the remaster was actually going to be a remake. This means … Read more

MediEvil PS4 is a complete Remake, not just a Remaster

Good news for MediEvil fans as Sony Studios have announced that the upcoming game for PS4 will be a remake of the classic game and not just a simple remaster. Shawn Layden, who is Sony Worldwide Studios Chairman had this to say about the upcoming remake of MediEvil. I think there have been some words … Read more

Four Video Game Reboots That Should Happen

With news that fans want to see another Crash Bandicoot game, along with any number of other franchises raising up from the dead, I decided to look int four potential video game reboots that I think should make a return to Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform. These games are all games that originally appeared on the … Read more