Tatooine Confirmed For Star Wars Battlefront

A new location has been confirmed for EA DICE’s upcoming video game Star Wars Battlefront. The location that was previously kept secret is Tatooine. That makes the total confirmed locations for the upcoming Star Wars video game up to three.

News broke about Tatoonie’s location being in Star Wars Battlefront from DICE developer Patrick Bach when he held an interview with a Swedish video game publication. According to Patrick Bach, the development team has sent out photographers and designers to capture locations in which the Star Wars films used in production.

While trying to keep everything as authentic as possible, Patrick Bach had stated that the designers flew to Norway for the Planet Hoth map, California redwood forests for Planet Endor and lastly the Tunisia’s desert for the latest reveal, Planet Tatooine.

So far Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing sometime in the summer of 2015. We will of course keep you updated on the latest right here on PlayStation Gang.