Four Tips To Improve Your Performance In Apex Legends

With so many players dropping into Apex Legends with Season 8, you’ll need every bit of advice you can find to stay competitive. Here are four simple tips that might help to improve your performance in Apex Legends.

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Increase your FPS

In all first-person shooters, maintaining a high, steady frame-rate should always be a priority. Having a high number of frames per second means that more images are appearing on your screen at once, resulting in a more smooth, clear image.

You should be aiming to stick to at least 60fps [frames per second], as is standard on all console versions of the game apart from the Nintendo Switch. Read our review of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch here!


If you’re on PC, lowering your graphics settings as low as possible will ensure that you get the clearest visuals while maintaining a high frame-rate. Just make sure to leave your model detail on the ‘High’ setting, as this will ensure that enemies remain visible at longer distances.

It’s best to keep ‘Model Detail’ set to ‘High’. This is so you can still see enemies at long distances. Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA

As for consoles, there is currently no way to boost your frame-rate beyond the standard of 60fps. However, team director at Respawn Entertainment, Steve Ferreira, said in a Reddit AMA last month that getting Apex Legends to run at 120fps on Xbox Series X and PS5 was a priority for them.

Ferreira said: “120 FPS is one of our goals and as we continue to look at NG [next generation] features and balance between what we think is best for the overall player experience for NG, we’re keeping this in mind.”


Hopefully, the option to boost your frame-rate on consoles comes sooner rather than later!

Streamer Mode

Streamer Mode is usually reserved for keeping streamer’s identities anonymous, but it has benefits to your average player, too.

Set the ‘Streamer Mode’ setting to ‘All’ to change all enemy player’s names. Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA

Enabling streamer mode will change the usernames of enemy players to the name of the Legend that they are playing. This information can be incredibly useful in a team fight when you need to know which Legend you’re up against. 


By looking at the kill feed, you’ll be able to see if you’re about to initiate a fight with a Bangalore, Octane, or Wraith, and will know which abilities to watch out for.

It’s a small change, but in a game like Apex, every small amount of information you can learn about the enemy counts towards the win.

Colour Blind Filters

Another accessibility feature, colour blind filters enable players with visual impairments to properly view the game.


Even if you aren’t colour blind, some people find certain colours are easier to spot more quickly than others. It’s worth experimenting with the colourblind options available in the settings menu.

Colour blind filters let you change the colour of enemies, teammates, and loot. Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA

Altering the settings will change most of the user interface elements. That includes enemy and loot outlines as well as the inventory management screen.

Everyone perceives colour differently, so if the default settings work best for you then feel free to leave them as they are!


Being able to spot an enemy from further distances will give you a huge advantage over your enemies. Getting the first shot off on your opponent is usually the difference between winning and losing a fight.


It’s easy to ignore the ping feature when playing among friends, but we suggest that you get in the habit of using them constantly.

The best thing about pings is that they’re context-sensitive. With the press of one button, you can point out ammunition, locate enemies, or request equipment instantly.

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Put simply, pinging is able to convey much more information than verbal communication, especially during intense moments like team fights.

Even when solo-queuing, using pings is beneficial. It’s inclusive for those who prefer not to use voice chat, and it can also help you remember where you left any valuable equipment.

Do you have any other Apex Legends tips to share? Let us know across our social channels.


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