Fortnite’s Made Deals To Ensure Its Latest Event Won’t Get Your YouTube Channel Taken Down

Epic Games’ newest Fortnite event was beginning to worry YouTube content creators thanks to the platform’s copyright rules.

The new event, which featured a collaboration with electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello, had people fearing they’d receive copyright strikes for the in-game music which is owned by Marshmello.

Credit: Epic Games

However, Epic has explained the event has been carefully planned out to make sure if you make Fortnite YouTube videos that include Marshmello’s music, you won’t get your channel taken down.

Taking to Twitter to explain what’s been going on behind the signs on this collab, the official Fortnite account said: “We’ve worked with @marshmellomusic‘s team to ensure you won’t receive copyright strikes for posting the event. This means you will not be able to monetize your video content, but you will be able to keep your content posted on your channel.”

Credit: Epic Games

It’s good news if you thought you couldn’t create content on the event at all, but it’s bad news if you were looking for the monetisation.

People have expressed their disappointment at the news coming at one of the hardest weekends of the year for a content creator to get viewers and money – Superbowl weekend.

However, the majority of content creators are happy with the news and have expressed their appreciation for the company “putting the players first.”

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games.