Fortnite Players Are Happy As Epic Games Remove Hated Game Feature

Epic Games’ epic game, Fortnite, is always getting changes and updates to test out new features and to see what the game really needs to keep it fresh, fun and entertaining.

Credit: Epic Games

One of its features soon became one of the most annoying and frustrating parts of the game though – I am, of course, talking about glider re-deploy, the odd mechanic that allowed you to glide and sort-of fly, instead of crashing to the ground after a jump.

People have hated the mechanic since it first got introduced, and it seems Epic Games has (finally) taken note.

Credit: Epic Games

It confirmed via Twitter that the feature will be disabled in most modes of the game, although it can still be accessed in certain Limited Time Modes and Playground Mode.

People are pretty happy with the news, as the mechanic had previously been branded “stupid” and “unrealistic.”

With a confirmed player count of over 8 million people per month, it seems even the glider re-deployment couldn’t keep people away from Fortnite.

Credit: Epic Games

Will the latest change get you logging back in, or are you officially over the Fortnite hype?