Pokémon Fans Think They Have Worked Out Who Ash’s Dad Is

The internet loves a good mystery, and one of the biggest unanswered mysteries of Pokémon is the origins of its original anime protagonist, Ash Ketchum.

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Ash leaves home at age 10 to go and live his dream of becoming a Pokémon master (lol, okay) and we see his mum a little bit here and there throughout the series, but his dad is mysteriously absent.

This has had fans scratching their heads for a while, wondering who in the Poké-universe could have spawned Ash, and – even more mysteriously – why doesn’t Ash age?

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One of the most predominant theories behind this suggests that Mr. Mime, yes the Pokémon, is Ash’s dad.

Mr. Mime is seen a LOT with Mrs. Ketchum, and in one infamous scene, he even has a hand on her thigh…

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Weird right?

Well, Reddit is now taking things one step further, providing a link between Ash’s age and the Mr. Mime theory.

A Redditer by the name of Posted by justaddranch posted on the r/pokemon subreddit, saying: “we never see Ash age. I think the Mr. Mime theory explains this.

“Pokemon don’t age, they evolve, but they more or less assume the same form unless they have evolved. If Ash’s mother and Mr. Mime were to have hooked up either due to a failed relationship with Giovanni or just her loving Mr. Mime, Ash could have turned out as a Pokemon human hybrid.

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“And it could be entirely possible that this hybrid could work, seeing as Mr. Mime is already very close to being a human, (in appearance at least) despite being a Pokemon. Knowing that Ash himself hasn’t really done any fighting of his own, only with Pokemon, it could be safe to assume that Ash hasn’t done anything that warrants him evolving. So this theory explains Ash not aging.”


What do you think, could Ash be half-Pokémon? Is Mr. Mime in a relationship with his mum? Will we ever find out the truth?