Someone Petitioned To Have Everyone say ‘F’ when Stan Lee appears in his final movie

Stan Lee, the father of Marvel, passed away earlier this week, and though the world is still reeling, it seems people are all ready to immortalise the legend.

Credit: Marvel

A number of petitions have cropped us, asking for future Marvel movies to continue their long-standing history of Stan Lee cameos, potentially replacing the man himself with a photo, poster or even a CGI figure.

One petition in particular, however, decided to take things one step further – by asking people to say ‘F’ to pay respect.

Credit: Marvel

In a since-deleted petition, entitled “Petition for everyone to say F during Stan Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel and Avengers 4!”, a user wrote: “I am not memeing it is serious he deserves a whole lot pf [sic] respect.

“He had a great influential life. I have heard his cameos are already shot so I hope they are going to be in those movies.

“Saying an F during his cameos in those 2 movies will be a small part we can do to him for his contributions to our lives.”

Unfortunately, the original petition is nowhere to be found, but we do have a screenshot of the apparently-unpopular idea…


Lee is known as one of the most iconic legends of the comic book world, with his contributions to Marvel knowing no bounds.

His creations and work over the years have earned him celebrity status, with millions of fans across the world thanking him for creating the likes of Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and – of course – Spider-Man.

Lee’s cameo appearances in all of the Marvel movies are beloved by his fans, who eagerly look for him in each instalment of their favourite Marvel flick.

Credit: Stan Lee

Joe Russo, co-director of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4  confirmed that Lee had already filmed his cameo for the fourth Avengers movie, making it the last cameo he will make in the MCU.

Will everyone be saying ‘F’ to pay respects? No. Almost definitely not.