Far Cry 6 Secret Ending Revealed

In typical Far Cry fashion, a Far Cry 6 secret ending allows players to ditch the revolution and complete the game within an hour.

Far Cry 6 launched today and the reviews are in. You can check out our review over on GameByte, where we said it was “a familiar but fun time”. Having played the game myself, I’m sure fans of the series will have a good time in its enormous new setting.

That new setting has dozens of hours of content to sift through, but already players are finding a short cut to the credits. A Far Cry 6 secret ending actually allows you to complete the game within an hour.

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Credit: Gamespot


You play as Dani Rojas, a reluctant guerrilla fighter drawn into the revolution against dictator Anton Castillo. It’s a story Ubisoft eventually claimed was political. But just because that’s the premise of the game, doesn’t mean you have to get on board with it. In the opening hours, Dani carries out a few missions for the resistance group Libertad. However, they do so in the hope of getting a boat to leave the island.

Credit: Ubisoft

Upon getting the boat you are encouraged to go speak to the leader of Libertad to continue your fight for Yara. However, if you simply jump on the boat and sail away, its curtain call for Far Cry 6. After commenting that it isn’t their fight, Dani finds themselves on a beach sunbathing, as a radio claims that Castillo defeated Libertad. The radio piece also confirms that lockdown and the pandemic are very much a thing in the Far Cry universe.

This Far Cry 6 secret ending isn’t the first time the franchise has done this. Far Cry 4 infamously includes a scene where villain, Pagan Min, asks you to wait for him. And if you do, you will fulfil your sole purpose for visiting Kyrat and wrap up the game within 15 minutes. I wonder how many players will decide to just jump on the boat on their first playthrough.

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft