Fallout 4 Player Discovers New Far Harbor Details, Sea Monster Fight!

While the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC, released just last week, has been well received and has gamers excited about more, it seems Far Harbor, May’s DLC, is the one we’re most looking forward to. Far Harbor is going to be the first Fallout 4 DLC that takes us to a whole new area of the map, by Sea.

As far as official information goes, so far we only know the basic plot line and that it’s bigger than The Shivering Isles from Oblivion. It’s pretty exciting actually considering it takes place on a mysterious new island, so I definitely hope to find at least one or two references to the show Lost.


Anyway, back to the point, it seems a Reddit user has discovered some details about the Far Harbor DLC through in-game files (as always). User¬†WilliamWallace2K14¬†used a program named Bethesda Archive Extractor and found a folder named “DLC03”. Intrigued, he started digging and whaddaya know, he found a few interesting bits to share.

First he found a new variant of the existing Yao Guai, named the Ghoul Yao Guai. Spooky, yes, but not all that telling. What is telling and what actually adds up some missing pieces we’ve had for a while, is that he found textures for some sort of squid like animal. Hmm, well, considering the rumors surrounding there being a “Sea Monster” fight cut from the game before launch, maybe this is why. If only there were some other sign..


Oh, what’s that? He also found files relating to the Harpoon Gun that was, assumingly, to be used in the aforementioned Sea Monster fight? Well how about that!

What we can take from all of this, is that it seems Bethesda’s planning on including the Sea Monster fight with Far Harbor, which considering the setting and method of travel to getting there, makes all the sense in the world.