Ewan McGregor Is Set To Be The Newest Villain In The DC Universe

DC bosses have secured the impressive booking for their upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off Birds of Prey.

According to Deadline, Ewan McGregor will appear as Gotham City mob boss, Roman Sionis who goes by the ominous title of ‘Black Mask’.

In the comics, Black Mask killed his wealthy parents in order to take control of their fortune and corporation. Only he was a terrible businessman who lost everything. Of course he blames others for his mishaps with none other than Bruce Wayne becoming one of his targets.

McGregor joins Margot Robbie who is reprising her role as Harley Quinn as well as Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who will be playing Huntress. Jurnee Smollet-Bell also joins the cast and will play Black Canary.

Warner Bros / DC

Filming is expected to begin in January 2019, with the movie said to be an ‘R-rated action film’. It’s also been teasedthat it will be very ‘different’ to traditional superhero films.

“After splitting up with The Joker, Harley Quinn and three other female superheroes – Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya – come together to save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord.”

The project has Cathy Yan at the helm directing, who becomes the first asian female director to every direct a superhero film.

Yan recently discussedhow she landed the job and why it was perfect for her:

“I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was relatively painless and straightforward. I immediately loved the script and it felt like something I could really do, and it felt very much like my own voice,” said Yan.

“I could not put the script down, it had so much dark humor to it which a lot of my work does, and there are themes of female empowerment which are so strong  and relateable. So I went in with, not with confidence, but at least a sense that I belonged in the room, that somehow magically in terms of timing and luck that this opportunity was open to me and I was definitely going to make the best of it.”

“It came out of me,” said Yan about her pitch meeting to Warner Bros., “I have never done any of these things and I asked my agents for examples to get a better sense: I put together a pitch deck and also assembled a sizzle reel. But I would say it wasn’t like a lot of other sizzle reels which reference other films that remotely feel like your film. I find those to be rather pointless. But I created my own version that thematically and tonally conveyed what you would feel (in my movie).”