Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Glitch means you can’t see certain Gang Members

There are a few bugs in Red Dead Redemption 2 – as you would expect with any new game – and one of them has got players particularly worried. After completing the ‘Polite Society’ Valentine mission in Chapter 2 of the game it would mean that certain members of the gang would disappear.

Sadie Adler, John Marston, Abigail Marston and Jack Marston would all be unable to be seen in the camp ground. This doesn’t happen to everyone so if you can see them after this mission then do not worry you are alright.

Players believed that as the characters had disappeared that they would be missing out on those characters side missions but Rockstar has put those fears to rest with a statement. They explained that they were looking into the bug and will have it fixed very soon. Rockstar also went on to say that when there is a side mission available for these gang members they will appear regardless of whether the bug has taken place or not.

As a side note there are plenty of worse glitches out there, check out this one:

It is believed that they exact trigger for this is if you restart any of the checkpoints in the Polite Society mission. The way to get around it is to abandon and restart the mission altogether rather than doing over a checkpoint.

If you have already gone passed this point and the bug has occurred then do not worry, if you wait until the start of chapter four the whole gang will be there and the bug will be rectified.

So overall there is no need to worry about this bug you just won’t be able to talk to the four members of the gang for a little while.

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