Brie Larson wants to Play Samus in a Metroid Film

Brie Larson looks like she wants to get more into the nerdy, geeky world after her role as Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is yet to release but already Brie Larson is loving that side of films and wants to play Samus in a Metroid film.

Here is what she had to say on Twitter:

Some fans have taken this idea very seriously and have even made images of the famous actress in the iconic Samus suit:


However some fans think that animation would be a better option for the films as opposed to a live action film.

We also aren’t exactly sure how a Metroid film would work or if it would work at all. It would certainly be an interesting thing to see come to light.

There is also no clue as to whether a Metroid game is in the works at all. I believe that this is just a pipe-dream of sorts for Brie Larson and that there isn’t a Metroid film in the works. However, now a big star like Brie Larson has shown interest in starring in a Metroid film the Hollywood cogs may start turning and a Matroid film may be coming sooner than we think.


Would you like to see Brie Larson as Samus in a Metroid film or do you think someone else would be a better Samus?