Blizzard Announce a new Diablo Game ‘Diablo Immortal’

BlizzCon was happening over the weekend where Blizzard announce all of their updates and new games coming to the the gaming universe over the next few months. Before BlizzCon even began Blizzard put out a statement telling Diablo fans not to get too excited about the possibility of Diablo 4.

When Diablo was the first game up at the opening ceremony for BlizzCon fans were, lets say, slightly disappointed. Diablo Immortals is a massively multiplayer game set between Diablo 2 and 3. It will also feature six possible classes at launch of the game. This all sounds great so far, so why all the hate? Diablo Immortal will only be available on mobile format. This is why Diablo fans are particularly annoyed about the announcement.

Along with the slightly disappointing announcement the last big update for Diablo 3 was made back in 2014. That is 4 years without any update to the game, which still has millions of players monthly. Many Diablo fans thought that this would be the time for Blizzard to announce that they are working on a new Diablo game. This feeling has left an extra bitter taste in Diablo players mouth’s.

This, as you would expect, has also lead to the YouTube videos for the trailers for the game to get dislike bombed. I haven’t ever seen ratios like this…

YouTube video

The comments on these videos have also been heavily moderated with users comments being deleted many times over. Blizzard have also uploaded unlisted versions of the trailer to use on the Blizzard launcher to try and help the ratios but unfortunately that hasn’t helped either.

There are also comments on the video claiming that many of the dislikes have been removed from the video. One comment claimed that there used to be over 500k dislikes on the video and now there is less than 400k. There is no proof to this but it does seem to be a common theme through the comment section. Either way this isn’t looking good for Blizzard.