Even Cheaters Are Giving Up On Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 runs to badly on PC that cheaters are discontinuing their hack developments because they don’t work.

No matter what online video game you play, you’re bound to encounter cheaters. Warzone faced the issue on such a large scale that Activision had to develop a new kernel level anti-cheat to bypass the problem. DICE has come up with a new way to deter cheaters, though – make a game that even they don’t want to play.

A message on a cheat distribution Discord server reads: “We will discontinue BF2042 from our store… The reason for this decision is the ongoing performance issue of the game which affects the cheat and that most people don’t use their subscription anymore since the game is dying.”

The good news is that you can expect to see less cheaters in Battlefield 2042. The bad news is that it’s not exactly for the reasons DICE was hoping to hear. It’s true that players are leaving Battlefield 2042 for greener fields. The previous Battlefield game, Battlefield V, regularly sees a higher player count than Battlefield 2042.

DICE has released several updates since Battlefield 2042 first launched, but it hasn’t been enough to bring many players back. The game still doesn’t even have a functioning scoreboard, though one is due to arrive in February.

There’s still hope that Battlefield 2042 can be salvaged with tis live service. However, DICE’s success remains to be seen. Some reports claim that EA is considering taking the game free to play.

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[Featured Image Credit: DICE/EA]