Amouranth Says Someone Would Have To Be ‘Desperate’ To Date Her

Amouranth has opened up about how her romantic life, saying that someone would have to be ‘desperate’ to date her.

The Twitch streamers has been making headlines recently due to some weighty business investments. She’s recently purchased her own pool toy company, as well as her own petrol station. She’s even considering moving into the adult toy industry with fellow streamer, Ludwig.

Alongside her business ventures, she also streams on Twitch for several hours a day. She’s clearly a very busy woman, and it’s this time commitment that she says is the reason for her troublesome dating life.

Amouranth recently appeared in a YouTube interview with Anthony Padilla. During the interview Padilla asks Amouranth what her dating life is like. She answers, “It’s really hard for me to feel like I can date anyone. What type of guy would be willing for me to ignore them for 15 hours a day while I talk to other guys online. I think he might have to be desperate.”

YouTube video

They both laugh about the ridiculous of the situation. Amouranth has been banned from Twitch several times due to her breaching the terms of service for lewd behaviour. Amouranth continues: “I’m not the most attractive, right? There’re probably girls who are just as good looking, if not more, who won’t ignore you for 15-hours a day.”

Do you think that Amouranth is being too harsh on herself when she says someone would have to be ‘desperate’ to date her? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Amouranth/AnthonyPadilla]