Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 being used the most in upcoming new IPs

Most of the now current generation video games that are currently being developed are using Unreal Engine 4 and are mostly new IPs compared to sequels.

This information has been revealed by Epic Games’ EU territory manager Mike Gamble. In a conversation with Edge, Mr. Gamble said that the split between existing series and new IP is “at least 50/50 – if not 70/30 in favour of new stuff.”  He also added, “There’s a lot of buffering. A lot of studios are doing a franchise iteration and a new IP.”

When asked about the announcement of these new IPs and why has Epic been silent, Mr. Gamble insisted that there was a good reason for that and said, “There haven’t really been any announcements of the games still under wraps [that use UE4] – as soon as they start going live, then you’ll see suddenly see that we’re everywhere again. You’ll be thoroughly sick of us!”

Confirming about new announcements at GDC this year, Mr Gamble said, “It’ll happen this year, toward the Christmas period. Knowing the games that are in development, there are some crackers. The first quarter of 2015 is also where a lot of them seem to be aiming. This year there seems to be alot of cross-gen, but that’s publishers and developers being safe, isn’t it? It’s still a good revenue stream.”

We’ll keep you posted about any new announcements by Epic Games. For more PlayStation news, stay tuned to PSGang.