Elderly Couple Play Mario Kart 64 Together every Single Day for 20 Years

I hope you are ready to feel some emotions, this one is so wholesome it will make your whole day better. Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? Seems like the answer to that question is no one. These two old aged Pensioners have been playing Mario Kart 64 for almost 20 years.


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the rents play mario kart 64 everyday to see who makes the tea, and I’m the kid?

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the rents play mario kart 64 everyday to see who makes the tea, and I’m the kid?

Reddit user ‘Bork1138’ posted a picture of his parents playing their favourite video game together on the /r/gaming sub Reddit. This quickly picked up steam and is now one of the top voted pieces of content on that sub Reddit of all time. It has amassed over 124k upvotes as of writing this article and I am sure it will pick up a few more as the days roll on.

He first uploaded the image way back in 2014 but must have been reminded about it recently and posted it to the sub Reddit. The story doesn’t end at just who will be making the tea. After years of playing anything you will obviously get very good at it and the OP commented this about who is the one who wins the most:

I’ll be honest, although I’d moved out years ago, from what I’ve seen it’s fairly even. They both know all the tricks, to the point where few years back they had to agree not to use shortcuts or cheats as they would bicker.

They also have their mains, just like any good Mario kart players:

Actually Dad mains Toad, regardless of GP or Battle. Mum mains Wario for battle (just a collision can lose a balloon) and Yoshi for GP, the tactical lady she is.

They play one GP then best of 3 on Battle.

This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen in the world of gaming and definitely something I aspire to be in the distant future, I am only 22 I have plenty of time to get good at Mario Kart yet.