There was almost a sequel to Space Jam about Skateboarding

I know what you are thinking. Why, oh please god why was this masterpiece of an idea cancelled? And I would like to know why they cancelled it. Fortunately, the news about this sequel was spoken about by the Skateboard legend himself – Tony Hawk. He took to Instagram to talk about what went down with the movie:


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The caption reads as follows:

in 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film with the Looney Tunes characters that was tentatively titled “Skate Jam.” Their plan was to bring back Bugs, Taz, etc into the cinema with a current release called “Back In Action” and then immediately start working on my project. I was about to leave for a skate trip in Australia so they met me at that iconic dome-shaped restaurant in the middle of LAX before my flight that evening. They were SERIOUS. We talked about storylines and shooting schedules, and they casually mentioned that I would get $1 million up front for signing on. I flew to Sydney that night with a sense of wonder and excitement; I had never met with Hollywood heads and felt so sure about something happening. During my week-long trip, “Back In Action” was released in theaters and bombed. By the time I got home, Skate Jam had been “indefinitely postponed” and I never heard about it again. I still think it would have been a hit considering skateboarding’s popularity at the time, and the reverence kids (now young adults) had for Space Jam. This drawing was given to me at a skate demo that Looney Tunes sponsored years before our movie talks began; with Marvin fittingly on a hoverboard.

It is such a shame that the failings of the previous film is what made this film fail to get the approval that was needed to be made. You would have thought that the success of the now cult classic Space Jam would have been enough to make another one but here we are.

Should we start a petition to get this made now? I would watch it a million times if I had to.