Nintendo have something to say about making Bowsette a Reality

If you have been living under a rock for the passed few months then you won’t have seen the slightly bizarre and also slightly concerning trend of Bowsette. There is an item in the Mario games which turns Toadette into ‘Peachette’. So somebody took this and applied it to Bowser. Yes, possibly one of the worst ideas of 2018, cheers to whoever you are…

Here is the basis of what Bowsette looks like:

You people also need to be stopped immediately:

Anyway, back to what Nintendo have to say about this monstrosity of an addition to the Mario world. According to the website for the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, only Toadette is able to use the crown power up. This means that the crown can’t be used on Bowser to turn him into Bowsette.

This also means it can’t be used on any of the other characters in any of the Mario games. Having said that it doesn’t mean that other characters don’t want to use it. Check out this screenshot from the information section of the new site:

Credit: Nintendo

Poor Luigi, although having said that it hasn’t stopped people from drawing him as ‘Luigiette’:

Credit: u/glenheartless

It doesn’t stop there, a YouTuber known as StupidMarioBros1Fan has taken the craze even further – by modding Bowsette into the final battle of Super Mario Bros. Wii.

YouTube video

In the video description, Bros1Fan writes: “[Bowsette] is a heavily edited version of Peach’s model from Mario Party 9 with parts of NSMBW Bowser and custom modeling for things such as her shoulders and crown.

“All animations were remade from scratch by me, used Bowser’s original animations as a reference but this was 100% re-animated.

“The voice clips are various Peach ones from Mario Party 10, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (the laughing ones specifically) All of them are slowed down a little to make her voice deeper because I felt like an ‘evil’ Peach would have a slightly deeper voice.”

The impressive mod has attracted a lot of attention from Mario and meme fans, who have praised the creator for such realistic graphics and sounds effects.

“As much as I hate the meme, I really enjoy this,” praised one YouTube commenter. “You definitely put a lot of work into it, and it shows.

“I also am able to actually enjoy this, because you made her actually look more like Bowser, and the crown is Bowser’s Shell, instead of Toadette’s Head (The Toadette part of the Super crown was the most angering thing about the meme, since Bowsette has no Toadette in her design, yet the Super crown stays the same.)”

I am glad Nintendo has finally put this odd concept to rest. We won’t be seeing Bowsette in Smash, although I am sure a lot of you would like that, you sick, sick people.