EA Releases Dragon Age Inquisition ‘Behind the Scenes’ Trailer

At the their press conference, EA released a “behind the scenes” trailer showing snippets of the game in progress with the developers describing their vision for the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition begins with a “world on the brink.” The veil has torn asunder and the demons are coming through. The Inquisition is created to combat the threat and that is where your character will come in. You are the Inquisitor and are in pursuit for the person who started this. You are not just a part of an organization, but in charge of it that grants powers and privileges in society that others do not have. It will be up to the player how to use that power through their decisions.

BioWare has reiterated that you can play any of three playable races: human, elf or dwarf. The game will take you all over the world through the various different nations all over Thedas and you can interact with every little thing in the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is panned to release in Fall 2014 for PS3, Ps4 and other platforms.

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