Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Gold

Dragon Age fans will have the biggest story to play through very soon as Bioware announces Dragon Age: Inquisition has officially gone gold. This means the development of the game is complete and now the process of printing out the discs and sending them off to retail locations. Are you planning on picking up what … Read more

New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Shows Off Crafting System

The upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition video game is said to have the deepest experience with the crafting system from the series. Gamers will be able to craft weapons, armor to potions which will all greatly affect your gameplay experience. Crafting will play a huge part of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Gamers will have a wide assortment … Read more

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Multiplayer Trailer

BioWare has released a new trailer for their upcoming Dragon Age 3: Inquisition video game. This time the trailer focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Through the trailer, we learn a few details about the character types, weapon and armor customization. Multiplayer within the game is said to be co-op giving players the … Read more

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition

Big fan of the Dragon Age series? You might be interested in picking up the very limited edition Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition of the game. This will have a limited one time production run so needless to say, these bad boys won’t last long. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will have a limited edition … Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Combat Focused Video

BioWare has released a new video for their upcoming video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The video is apart of a new series that will be releasing leading up to the launch of the Dragon Age: Inquisition game. The first video of the series goes over the combat features players will have. The upcoming Dragon Age: … Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed

If you’re looking to pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition on October 7, 2014 think again. Instead the game was delayed but the good news is that you won’t be waiting very much longer to get your hands on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mark Darrah, executive producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, announced on the Dragon Age website … Read more

Dragon Age: Inquisition Varric Screenshots

New screenshots released for Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off the companion known as Varric. Varric happens to be a character who was previously in the Dragon Age 2 video game during the Varric’s case. Varric is a dwarf that will be one of the companions during player’s quests. These new screenshots shows off Varric and … Read more