Dragon Age: Inquisition – Gameplay details revealed

BioWare has revealed the first of the gameplay details of the upcoming next-gen title Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Here are some of the interesting bits of info about the gameplay that have been revealed.

The player character is called the Inquisitor and players can choose their name, class, race and gender which will have further implications in the gameplay. Players gradually grow the Inquisition and some areas of the map will not be available till the Inquisition is powerful enough.

The land of Thesdas is in chaos at the time the game is set. The political situation is very volatile and at that particular time a tear appears in the sky opening a door to the Fade through which demons enter.

The game has a more open world feel than the previous games and there will be no repeating level designs. During combat, enemy behavior varies according to their own physical condition and the player’s location.

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