Destiny’s Graphics Will Be Different on the PS4 and Xbox One

President of Bungie, Harold Ryan recently had an interview with NowGamer, where they discussed about the upcoming title Destiny and the next-gen consoles.

It seems that the game is definitely going to be different in a way, and the upcoming consoles are the reason why all these new games coming out will be revolutionary. Even though the experience of this game will be the same for all the platforms, will the graphics make it feel different?

He states, “We’re not committing right now to any specific platform features. The great thing for us with timing is that we were making a new engine, and then two new consoles were coming out, which led us to invest more into making the new engine for it.

“There are a whole bunch of great opportunities for us to go after, like full player experiences, etc. We’re investigating all of those and building the core experience of Destiny, which will be similar across all the platforms.

“The graphics are different, obviously, platform to platform, but in a connected world, the game of Destiny is going to be awesome on all of them.”

New engines, greater opportunities, and the experience overall will be something we look forward to when we get our hands on this title.