PS4: PS Plus Required To Play Online, Cross Game Chat, And More Details

A PS Plus subscription will be required to play online but not for free-to-play games or MMOs on the PS4.

One PS Plus subscription will grant access to all accounts on a single PS4 system. Also, previous PS Plus subscriptions on the PS3 will cross over to the PS4.

PS Plus is a membership service that gives discount deals, early access to BETAs, online save, automatic patch download functionality, and access to the IGC (instant game collection). The IGC gives a minimum of ten top rated games to play at no extra cost.

Cross game chat and other media functions won’t require the subscription. This includes services like Netflix.

Games will be added and removed just like the current subscription on the PS3, and subscribers will be getting one new PS4 game every month.

The subscription isn’t required for automatic updates and will cost $50 or $5 per month. This means that PS Plus will cost the same amount on the PS4 as it does for the PS3 and PS Vita.

According to some retailer listings in Europe, the PS4 could be out on November 13th. However, Sony has said that it’s just a placeholder date.

This news could be bad for some PlayStation fans, as they will not be able to play online multiplayer without paying to play first.

I am a PlayStation fan who has always enjoyed free internet service, and Sony’s decision on forcing a PS Plus subscription or a $5 monthly fee for the PS4 makes me unhappy. Nine times out of ten, Sony will not be worrying about people hacking or cheating in games, so forcing everyone to have a PS Plus subscription or pay a $5 monthly fee just to play online seems pointless.

Sure, PS Plus seems awesome, but some people really could care less to have it, even if it is “only $50.” In today’s world, $50 is hard to come by, and some people are lucky just to have food on the table.

Many people bought a PS3 instead of a Xbox 360 because they didn’t have to pay to play online. Now, this year’s console war could be anyone’s game, especially now that Microsoft has followed Sony’s lead and backed out of almost all of their ridiculous ideas for their Xbox One console.

Do you think Microsoft can be trusted? Do you think Sony is on the right track? Comment down below, and tell us your thoughts and opinions on the PS4 and the Xbox One. Also tell us which console you plan on buying or pre-ordering.