Destination PlayStation unveils Information on the next Call of Duty and Rockstar Games

This week in Scottsdale, Arizona Sony held a closed event called Destination PlayStation. It is an event where Sony showcases their list of upcoming games to retailers all over the industry.

They have uncovered games that haven’t even been announced to the public, and the upcoming Call of Duty being developed by Sledgehammer Games is one of those titles.

The non-disclosure agreement for the event is very tight, but a user that goes by Lokiolr, announces on twitter:

Kind of jealous, my boss and our buyer are at DPS (Destination PlayStation) this week, a retail sneak peak event.

Got the rundown from my boss on some Destination Playstation stuff. New Call Of Duty sounds awesome.

One scene he described took place on the Golden Gate bridge. He couldn’t remember the game’s subtitle but he thinks it was “Black Smith”.

Said it looks really realistic with great physics. I’m guessing the “Black Smith” title is the internal name. Like Titan was for Black Ops 2

Also it’s the next entry in the Modern Warfare series apparently. I wish I had gone, I would have retained the info better.


He also gave a little bit of information about Rockstar Games:

Rockstar had something amazing to show but bailed at the last minute. Expect an E3 announcement from them this year. Likely GTA V on nextgen

This is information coming from a guy who heard from his boss who claims to have been at the event, so nothing is confirmed but keep your minds open.

What do you think is the next Call of Duty? What  could could be hiding till E3? Comment below.