Dell has announced an extremely affordable PC for casual gamers

Not everyone who wants to get into PC gaming wants to go out and drop 3k on a high-end rig. You can get away with spending a lot less and still having better performance than current generation consoles, and Dell is aiming to cater to the more casual market who still want a great gaming experience but aren’t extremely hardcore about it either.

Dell may be the company behind Alienware, which are known for being on the pricier side when you compare them to other options or building your own…

…but now Dell’s also offering something much more affordable for people who want to get a lot of bang for their buck.

The more you spend on your PC gaming rig, the more you’re dealing with diminishing returns, but on the lower end of the spectrum you can get some incredible performance without breaking the bank too badly.

The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop starts at only $599, but you’re looking at $999 for the VR-ready version called the Inspiron 27 7000 AIO, which packs a lot of punch. Granted, all of these options cost more than current generation consoles, but they also blow them out of the water and, obviously, do all of the other stuff you can do with a desktop besdies just playing games. It’s a great entry point for someone who wants a solid gaming rig without having to spec out all the parts on their own and build it themselves.

Also, keep in mind these are just the starting price points for the stock models, if you really want to go in you’ll end up spending more for a variety of available options. You’ll be looking at closer to $2,000 for the really spec’d out models, but that’s not out of line when you’re talking about a higher-end gaming PC.

Along with the $599 tower model, for $699 – $999, you can get the all-in-one models that look like this:

These desktops featured AMD’s new Ryzen processors, touted for their high performance and small price tags, along with a variety of GPU’s to choose from. The specs will vary depending on which options you choose, but this isn’t a bad bet if you’re looking for a gaming PC, especially since they offer lots of room for upgrades and expansion, the tower model in particular.