Sony has a frightening amount of E3 2017 booth space

Things are looking big for Sony at E3 this year. 43,500 square feet big to be exact. The publisher isn’t shying away at the slightest from going all out during E3 2017 it seems.

It’s booked a massive amount of showfloor space at the Los Angelest Convention centre. It’s more than twice the size of Microsoft’s which stands at 17,412 square feet, and a lot more than Nintendo which stands at 32,400 square feet.

Although the floor space need not amount to more games being announced but it’s definitely a positive. Expect plenty of PSVR action, booths for yet to be announced and announced exclusives as well as other stations.

Sony will be broadcasting its press conference live in more than 80 theatres across the world alongside it’s usual live streams. Don’t be surprised if the publisher is planning to drop a few megatons during its press conference.

It’s a good time to be a gamer right now.