You Can Now Legally Watch Full Movies For Free On YouTube

YouTube has long-since been the place to watch incredibly low-quality movies in 10 or so parts before they quickly get removed for copyright issues.

More recently it’s become a place where you can purchase movies, and now it seems the service has finally given us the best of both worlds by releasing movies that are legal to watch, and completely free.

Thanks, YouTube!

The list of movies is pretty small right now, but hopefully the platform will be releasing more and more titles as time goes on.

So far you can binge on titles including the following: All Dogs Go to HeavenFour Weddings and a FuneralHackersLegally BlondeThe Man in the Iron MaskNight of the Living DeadNosferatuOverboardRockyRocky IIRocky IIIRocky IVRocky VThe TerminatorZookeeper.

The only downside is it looks like the free service isn’t available in every country yet, but if you’re in the US then you don’t need to worry. Check out the full list of free movies right here.

Speaking of streaming, there’s even more bad news for people in the UK, as Rick and Morty is being removed from steaming giant, Netflix.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

As any Rick and Morty fan knows, Rick’s ‘catchphrase’ actually means that he’s in great pain and needs help. Well, that’s definitely something we can all now relate to as Netflix has taken the Adult Swim cartoon off the streaming service.

It’s only the first season in the UK, but it does look like the second season is heading for the same fate soon.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “YOU GUYS ARE STEALING RICK & MORTY FROM US!?!?!? WTF MAN!!!!”

Digital Spy reports that it’s because of licensing agreements with Adult Swim, with the removal suggesting that the license has expired.

This comes after the season four trailer randomly dropped on their Twitter account a few weeks ago.