Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 – All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 is fast approaching, but Sledgehammer Games has remained remarkably quiet on what new content we can expect.

Thankfully, we’ve had several leaks to give us some idea of what new additions we’ll see when the Season 1 starts on December 8th. While the inaugural season was meant to begin on December 2nd, it was delayed by 6 days last week. The same goes for the upcoming Pacific map for Warzone, known as Caldera.

Credit: Activision

New Warzone Pacific Map

The big piece of content arriving in Vanguard Season 1 is the brand new map for Warzone Pacific. Known as Caldera, it’s completely transporting Warzone back to World War 2 with a distinctly different locale to Verdansk.

We’ve not yet seen any gameplay of Caldera, but we have had a sneak peek at a low-poly version of the map. It’s all thanks to the remake of Shipment which arrived in Vanguard last week. The classic Modern Warfare map has been remade in the WW2 setting, but things get interesting when you look beyond the playable area. It appears that this new version of Shipment is actually a location on the new Warzone Pacific map. Give it a look for yourself to get ahead on a bit of map knowledge!

Credit: Activision

Operators, Weapons, And Maps

According to some leaked promotional artwork for Vanguard Season 1, it looks like we’re getting three new operators to unlock. All three of the new characters can be seen patrolling up the shores of a lucious beach, all equipped with appropriate WW2 weaponry. According to leaks, they’re known as Anna, Lewis, and Francis from left to right.

We can surely expect at least one or two of these to be unlockable via the Battle Pass. Players may also be able to unlock them by completing challenges, as is the case for the other operators already available in Vanguard. As for what their weapon proficiencies are, we’re not quite sure just yet.

It’s expected that we’ll see three new weapons in Vanguard Season 1. The first of which is rumoured to be the Welgun, an iconic submachine gun from the WW2 era. Second up is the M1933 Hyde Carbine. Another small form factor assault rifle, we can expect this to be another popular weapon throughout Season 1. We’re not entirely sure of what the third weapon will be just yet, although rumours are circulating that it will be the PTRS-41, a huge anti-tank sniper rifle. It looks like this one will pack a punch!

There’s currently no word on what new maps we can expect to see, although Sledgehammer Games has promised us that we’ll see at least a few. It might be that some drop during the mid-season, too.

Download Size And Start Time

The download size of Vanguard Season 1 is expected to be rather hefty, coming in at just over 40GB. That’s quite large given that Vanguard is already just shy of 50GB itself. However, we’re not quite sure whether this includes the new Pacific map for Warzone. If it does, then that makes a lot of sense.

As for when Season 1 starts, we currently only know the date on which the new content will drop – exact times are still to be determined. Owners of Call of Duty: Vanguard can enjoy the new season update on December 8th along with the Caldera Warzone Pacific map. All other players can jump into the new map on December 9th, 24 hours later.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]