A Breaking Bad Feature Film Has Been Announced

Breaking Bad redefined television with its flawless characters, gripping storylines and excessive violence, and it’s left a hole in a lot of hearts since it ended back in 2013.

Although it ended on a pretty definitive note (sort of), fans have been clamouring for more adventures set in the world of Breaking Bad, and although Netflix’s Better Call Saul did pretty well, it’s definitely not attracted the amount of fans as the original show.

According to a report from the Albuquerque Journal, a Breaking Bad movie is officially in the works, going incognito under the name of “Greenbrier.”

Before you get too worried though, it appears that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is already attached to the project, which is fantastic news for fans.

Although the movie hasn’t been officially confirmed by the film office, a source apparently close to the Journal confirmed the news.

Naturally, not too much is known about the project as of yet, but the movie’s logline confirms the film with follow the escape of a kidnapped man on his quest for freedom.

Whether or not the movie is going to include some of the series’ beloved-characters, or follow the antics of a lesser-known character is yet to be confirmed. But, if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, it’s safe to assume this movie won’t be following on from the finale…

Nick Maniatis, New Mexico State Film Office Director, stated:

“We are happy to welcome ‘Greenbrier’ and Sony Studios to New Mexico.

“For years, we’ve built up the film industry in New Mexico and strengthened our film incentives; now, we’re seeing success after success for the film industry in our state.”

Production is expected to start mid-November and continue through early February, with more details expected to surface in the coming weeks.