Breaking Bad Is Bringing Out An Official Mobile Game

Throw a pizza on the roof and rev up the RV, Breaking Bad is getting its own video game for mobile phones. It’s been nearly six years since the meth-cooking finale of Vince Gilligan’s show, but Breaking Bad is still one of the best 21st Century shows out there. As well as Breaking Bad‘s continued legacy with Better Call … Read more

Bryan Cranston Is “Interested” In Playing Stan Lee In A Movie Of His Life

You might not remember this, but two years ago, a fan-made poster for a Stan Lee biopic starring Bryan Cranston went viral. About time the geniuses of Hollywood make this happen: a Stan Lee biopic played by Bryan Cranston. — Amit (@Goddamittt) 13 November 2018 Looks great doesn’t he? Although two years ago this may have just … Read more

A Breaking Bad Feature Film Has Been Announced

Breaking Bad redefined television with its flawless characters, gripping storylines and excessive violence, and it’s left a hole in a lot of hearts since it ended back in 2013. Although it ended on a pretty definitive note (sort of), fans have been clamouring for more adventures set in the world of Breaking Bad, and although Netflix’s Better … Read more

Proof The Simpsons has predicted pretty much every TV show and film ever

One of the longest-running shows to air on TV, The Simpsons has done more than its fair share of providing TV entertainment. Most notably, the Simpsons have cleverly foreshadowed several things that ended up happening in real life. From ‘predicting’ Trump becoming president. The Simpsons also predictd various celebrity deaths such as David Bowie, Prince, and golfer Arnold … Read more

GTA: Breaking Bad

We think that if they actually made a Breaking Bad game then a lot of people would purchase it. Maybe it wouldn’t get as many sales as the regular Grand Theft Autos do but if they made a breaking bad game that had a GTA feel and style to it, we think that it would … Read more