Bryan Cranston Is “Interested” In Playing Stan Lee In A Movie Of His Life

You might not remember this, but two years ago, a fan-made poster for a Stan Lee biopic starring Bryan Cranston went viral.

Looks great doesn’t he?

Credit: AMC

Although two years ago this may have just been a pipe dream, it seems Cranston would totally be up for playing Lee in a biopic – if the chance ever arose.

Credit: Stan Lee

Speaking to UNILAD, Cranston said: “Yeah he was – I hate to say genius – but he was the man who had tremendous insight into how to humanise superheroes, how to make them relatable and by giving them flaws, relatable human flaws, that made them accessible to audiences.

“And so he really had a natural sense of communication and an honest authentic way of writing that material that really drew the audience in in order to really invest in those characters.

Credit: AMC

“Sure, I would be interested in looking into that if someone has an idea of how to develop a tribute movie to the amazing Mr Lee.”

Comic-book legend Stan Lee sadly passed away on Monday (November 12) at the age of 95.

Tributes have flooded social media as millions of people mourn the passing of the creator of some of the most iconic superheroes ever.

Netflix has now added their own tribute, and it’s incredible.

All you have to do is log in to Netflix and search for Stan’s famous catchphrase “Excelsior!” in the Netflix search bar.

Once you do…

How great is that?!

Lee is known as one of the most iconic legends of the comic book world, with his contributions to Marvel knowing no bounds.


Would you like to see Cranston take on the role of Stan Lee?