There’s A Petition For Gaming Grandma To Be In The Next Elder Scrolls Game

If you’re not familiar with Shirley Curry then I can’t blame you – she’s not a household name (yet), but she could well be one of the best Skyrim players of all time.

Credit: Shirley Curry

Curry is perhaps better known as “Gaming Grandma,” a moniker kindly given by her adoring fans, because the Skyrim YouTuber is actually 82 years old.

Her (amazing) YouTube channel description reads: “I am a 82 year old grandmother who loves to play, and now record, games! I live in Virginia USA I love playing Skyrim. I am a widow. I have 4 sons, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson. For those who want to know what kind of games I like: I only like real people/movie type games. I’ve tried other kinds of games but I don’t enjoy them. :)”

Check out one of her videos below!

YouTube video

Curry now has nearly 500,000 subscribers to her channel, and her dedication to the game has led fans to create a petition to get her immortalised in the next Elder Scrolls game – which Curry worries she won’t get to play as she’ll be almost 90 when it releases.

Redditers phantom-scribbler and PlausibleLee‘s petition, which originally started on Reddit, now has close to its goal of 1500 signatures – so hopefully Bethesda will take note!

Credit: Shirley Curry

It wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda has honoured a request like this, with Bethesda-fan Erik West becoming an NPC in the past.

Reddit has even come up with Curry’s NPC’s in-game name and traits, with one user writing: “I think a roving wanderer NPC would be fitting, too — she loves going on nature walks and vlogging all the interesting things she sees.

“Name: Shirley the Wanderer

“Encounter: Roaming a particularly beautiful part of the map, sketching the flora and fauna.”

Credit: Shirley Curry

If you want to see Gaming Grandma in the Elder Scrolls 6, sign the petition right here.