Red Dead Redemption’s Famous ‘Donkey Lady’ Makes An Appearance In RDR2

Remember Red Dead Redemption’s Donkey Lady? No? Well she was discovered way back in 2010 so we can’t really blame you for that one.

To remind you, Donkey Lady was the NPC in the first Red Dead Redemption game, who – thanks to ones of the best glitches in gaming – featured the face of a donkey and was rideable.

The glitch was discovered nearly a decade ago, and a user by the name of WhereDaBootz posted a clip of it to YouTube where it quickly reached meme-status.

Check out the video below!

YouTube video

Despite being down to complete error, it seems Rockstar Games has finally recognised Donkey Lady in all her glory, and has immortalised the fan-favourite NPC’s memory within the game’s sequel.

Credit: Rockstar

YouTuber Bubski uploaded a short video which shows a deceased Donkey Lady – wearing the same outfit and still featuring her iconic donkey head – appearing in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Check out the video below – but only if you’ve already completed the game’s main storyline!

YouTube video

If you want to pay your own respects to the Donkey Lady, you can find her remains in the Austin section of the game’s map, in a place known as Two Crows.

The gruesome discovery leads to protagonist Arthur Morgan to write in his journal: “What was this poor thing? Who would do such a thing to any creature?”

Credit: Rockstar

The Easter egg is sure to please RDR fans, as gamers have been crying out for fun glitches in the sequel for a long time!

Have you found any fun glitches or Easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2?