Book Of Boba Fett Renames Iconic Slave 1 Ship, Fans Aren’t Pleased

Episode 4 of The Book of Boba Fett has officially renamed the iconic Slave 1 ship from the original films, but fans aren’t happy with the name change.

As reported by HITC, this week gave us our first in-universe reference to the new name of Boba Fett’s starfighter. The iconic ship was previously known as Slave 1 in both the original and prequel trilogy. However, Disney has decided to retcon the name and rebrand the ship to ‘Firespray’. It’s thought that the reason is because of negative connotations of the word ‘slave’.

This name change hasn’t completely come from nowhere, however. The type of ship has always been known as a ‘Firespray 31-class patrol and attack craft’ in Star Wars lore. It’s worth noting that the ship is never actually referred to as ‘Slave 1’ in the Star Wars movies or any other onscreen material.


Some Star Wars fans are less than pleased at the change. Several Twitter users expressed their distaste:

On the other hand, some Star Wars fans are happy with the change or simply indifferent. One user writes, “This’ll probably be an unpopular opinion, but Firespray is a way cooler name for Boba Fett’s ship than Slave 1”.

Another expresses, “If you call this ship the Slave 1, cool. If you call this ship the Firespray, cool. If you attack fans for calling this ship either one of these, then grow up!”


In other Boba Fett news, Temuera Morrison reckons that Boba Fett talks too much in the new series. And did you catch this subtle reference to Jedi: Fallen Order?

What do you think about Slave 1 getting renamed in The Book of Boba Fett? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Disney]