Popular Minecraft Streamer Under Investigation For Alleged Abuse And Assault

Popular Minecraft streamer, Adam ‘SkydoesEverything’ Dahlberg is accused of domestic abuse and assault of his ex-girlfriend [via Dexerto]

The streamer’s ex-partner, known only online as Elizabeth, recently posted a lengthy testimonial that accuses the streamer of years of domestic abuse and violence. Her post reads: “Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka Skydoesminecraft. Its time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.”

Her Twitter post links to a public Apple Pages document that describes the years of terror that Dahlberg allegedly put her through. “You not only verbally abused and degraded me, the mother of your second child, you traumatized me and put me through things no one should ever have to experience,” Elizabeth writes.

The Police have been made aware

Dahlberg is accused of being unfaithful at several points in the relationship. A slew of screenshots in the Tweet thread seem to contain mountains of evidence against him. The violence and abuse is said to have extended to when Elizabeth was pregnant with Dahlberg’s child. He would reportedly block the drains on purpose so Elizabeth would have to “waddle to the store late at night just to use their restroom.”

Elizabeth says that she has given over the evidence to the police. She closes out her statement by saying, “I provided all of this info and proof so hopefully some will hear me and hear the voice that was silenced for too long. As for Adam, I hope u own up to ur actions and become someone better and safer. Stop lying and manipulating those around you.”

Dahlberg is yet to respond to any of the accusations levied against him. The abuse account is a harrowing read, especially when levied against a Minecraft streamer that’s beloved by a relatively young audience. Dahlberg hasn’t uploaded to his YouTube channel in over six months.

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