Blizzard finally reveals Sombra after months of pointless teasing

Overwatch has finally got another hero, one that was being teased for months with a tediously executed ARG and clues pasted across pretty much anything Overwatch related.

As many suspected, the new character is non other than Sombra and this announcement was made by Activision Blizzard during Blizzcon today.


Sombra is a hacker and that explains the extremely hard wild goose chase players were tasked to undertake in order to find more clues about her. As is the custom, the company also released a short film about the new character to give you a better idea about who she is, what her goals are and what she’s capable of.


The trailer does look promising and we’re really digging her accent. She might also prove to be really useful in the game and the short as usual is top notch.

However, we’re still not sure if the long duration that the character was teased for was worth it, even though Sombra does seem rather interesting. Check out the teaser below.

YouTube video