Beyond: Two Souls Chose PS3 For The Install Base

With all of David Cage’s talk of technology and polygons it seems a bit odd that he decided to put his new game on the less powerful hardware available to him. In an interview with VG247, Cage explains that he and his team decided to put Beyond: Two Souls on the PlayStation 3 over the PlayStation 4 because of the former’s install base.

“We had this discussion with Sony at some point about should we release this game on PlayStation 4, or should we release it on PlayStation 3, and our position has always been that we want to be on PlayStation 3, because we think it’s a very exciting moment for the console as it has the bigger install base.

“It will be years before PlayStation 4 has that audience. In this necessarily the early adopters of the new console. We also did the same thing with Fahrenheit on PlayStation 2, and we thought it was the right decision.

Beyond: Two Souls comes out for the PlayStation 3 next week on October 8th.