Beyond Two Souls Coming to PS4 – Rumored

There’s some rumors and supposed reports that suggest Beyond Two Souls, starring Ellen Page, will be releasing on the PlayStation 4. This news comes from a report off a French video game website known as Gameblog. The website states that according to their sources the PlayStation 3 exclusive video game title, Beyond Two Souls, will … Read more

Beyond: Two Souls Sold 1+ Million Units Worldwide

Beyond Two Souls was released for the PlayStation 3  October 8th 2013 featuring Hollywood stars Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and Kadeem Hardison. Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO confirmed today that the game sale surpassed 1 million copies in 2013. The game sold  70k units in France alone  which is a lot better compared to  Heavy Rain time frame. Even though the game received … Read more

PlayStation Now – Demos of Popular Games Shown at CES 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment has finally unveiled its Gaikai streaming service which will now officially be called as PlayStation Now. The service promises immense capability of streaming high quality video games on PS Vita, Sony Bravia TV and also smartphones and tablets in the near future. And to display the workings of PlayStation Now, three popular … Read more

Trailer Shows Off Beyond: Two Souls’ DLC Advanced Experiments

A new trailer for Beyond: Two Souls looks at the game’s downloadable content Advanced Experiments. The DLC is an additional playable scene that puts Jodie and Aiden, her spiritually connected entity, through a 30-minute training session. In the trailer we get a look as some white training rooms, a little reminiscent of those from Portal. … Read more

Review: Beyond Two Souls

Following the hugely successful launch of Quantic Dream’s critical darling Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, an interactive drama action-adventure PlayStation 3 exclusive, is the French developer’s latest effort in capturing the love of gamers once again. It’s unfortunate, then, that the Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe game falls well short of expectations. Beyond Two Souls … Read more

Beyond: Two Souls Has Moved On From Heavy Rain Says Quantic Dream Co-CEO

Sony has released a video interview with Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere on the European PlayStation Blog where he discusses the differences and advancements between their new game and their previous effort. In the video Fondaumiere touches upon many aspects of story and what David Cage is aiming for in Beyond: Two Souls. The … Read more

Beyond: Two Souls Chose PS3 For The Install Base

With all of David Cage’s talk of technology and polygons it seems a bit odd that he decided to put his new game on the less powerful hardware available to him. In an interview with VG247, Cage explains that he and his team decided to put Beyond: Two Souls on the PlayStation 3 over the … Read more