PSN Will Be Better for PlayStation 4

PlayStation UK head Fregal Gara has said that they intend to make drastic improvements to the PlayStation Network. They want to add more value given the network’s expanded role in the PlayStation 4. These comments are in response to the issues with the Grand Theft Auto 5 digital release.

The PlayStation Network was unable to handle the demand and due to the low download speeds, some PS3s locked up. Some players continue to experience problems trying to download the game.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Fergal took an optimistic view staying that the system will grow as they find more uses for it. The PlayStation 4 itself has new features to prevent these problems. Like Play As You Download powered by Gaika, where players can start playing the game even if the whole file hasn’t been downloaded yet. As games get bigger this is be even more indispensable.

Things are moving along as they are doing more QA on more digitally download game. It is a priority for Sony given that their next console is based even more on the online social experience than their last effort.