Best Buy Is Selling Fake Video Game Boxes So Parents Can Prank Their Own Kids

Coal in the stocking is so 1950. These days, when parents want to witness true sadness in the eyes of their children, they’re opting for something a little less traditional, with the help of Best Buy.


Best Buy is massive and sells ridiculous amounts of gaming stuff, not to mention flat screens, household appliances, and tons of other really expensive stuff. They definitely don’t need to be making an extra $1.99 off of children’s tears, but that hasn’t stopped them. Check out these fake video game boxes that parents can wrap up.


This kid’s actually really excited that he got Minecraft, but something tells us people won’t be so happy about Extreme Chores. For the record, Thumbwrestler Xtreme XXL is actually pretty good since they patched the “Shake, Bow” exploit… 

Granted, these are just sleeves that fit around the actual game that should absolutely accompany the purchase of any of these prank boxes. If you buy one of these for your kid without the actual game they were hoping for, you’re almost guaranteeing a spot in the worst old folks home for yourself.


Potential GOTY material right here:


Still waiting for the International DLC.