Destiny Ghost and Limited Edition Pre-Orders Cancellations

Turns out that gamers can’t wait to get their hands on Destiny and the sales expectations are greatly being surpassed. In fact, there’s so many pre-orders being placed for the Destiny video game’s special editions that most retailers are starting to cancel a number of orders. Demand is high for Destiny and the Limited along … Read more

PS4 is a “great launch”, sold out at Best Buy

Best Buy sold out most of its PlayStation 4 catalogue in North America., a latest report reveals. CEO of Best Buy Hubert Joly confirmed to Reuters  that  the company had “pretty much run out” of PS4 units already. The new shipments  will arrive soon. “We will get new inventory next week. It’s a great launch, … Read more

Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Orders sales Ranks Higher on PS4 than Xbox One

Pre-Orders for the upcoming continuing series, Call of Duty: Ghosts has been ranked in the top five sales at the retailer Best Buy Co. Inc., due to its popular series and high demand. Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-orders for the PS4 SKU ranked No. 3 best-selling pre-order product at while pre-orders for Xbox One … Read more

Retailers Taking Pre-Orders Online for PS4

Sony has announced their next-gen console during their press conference at E3 yesterday. The price for the console is $399 in US, 399 in EUR, 349 in UK, and $549 in Australia. PlayStation Plus will be required for playing games online, and we don’t know if the price of PS Plus will change anytime soon, … Read more